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"Art with Heart: Casino Night" September 27th, 2014 at the Chester County Historical Society

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Some photos from last year's
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Butterflies for Boston

In the spring of 2013, Dorothy (Dottie) Muccilli, President and Founder of “Healing Art Works” was preparing personal works of art for an upcoming show, some of which were watercolors featuring “butterflies” as subjects.
  On April 15th, during the running of the Boston Marathon, our nation witnessed a tragic act of terrorism that resulted in many people seriously wounded as well as fatalities. Even for those onlookers at the Marathon not seriously wounded, the emotional trauma of the attack and aftermath was pervasive. As the nation mourned this tragic and senseless attack, Dottie, found herself wishing there was “something she could do” to help the victims of the bombing. Thinking about her butterfly paintings, she found herself almost hoping these paintings would not sell at her upcoming art show, but wishing instead she could share these paintings as an act of comfort with the victims. Verbalizing this “wish” aloud to fellow artists and friends, the reaction was “why not paint butterflies” for the victims of the bombing? Butterflies are universal symbols of hope, life and second chances!
  Slowly but surely grassroots support for the idea of “Butterflies for Boston” gained traction in the art community. Dottie began to receive numerous phone calls and emails, from near and far, from artists wanting to donate “Butterflies for Boston”. The donations of butterfly paintings poured in as did donations of frames and art glass.

  Dottie appealed to the Board of HAW for assistance in organizing the “Butterflies” as a side project for our non-profit. Our biggest problem was how to deliver these paintings to the victims? How could we possibly contact them? Would someone be willing to act as an “intermediary” on our behalf? Several months of calls and emails to Massachusetts art schools, senators, and community leaders finally led to contact with Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital System in Charlestown, MA. Spaulding is the hospital that assisted many of the amputee victims.
  After an initial contact with Sally Johnson, social worker at Spaulding, Carol Stinson worked on behalf of HAW with Elizabeth Pillsbury and Colleen Moran, co-directors of the Spaulding “Peace Art Gallery” to make transfer arrangements for over 70 Butterfly paintings. The “Peace Art Gallery” features art work by patients from the rehabilitation hospital and their directors are well suited to help us distribute paintings to victims or to multiple hospital facilities in the Spaulding network within Boston. In addition, the “Gallery” is planning a show, “Healing Boston” , slated for late in 2013 or early 2014, which will feature works that have been donated, from all over the United States, to the people of Boston as gestures of solidarity and comfort. Some of the HAW “Butterflies” will be featured in that show.

In preparation for drop off in Boston, many hours were spent framing the paintings thanks to “HAW husbands”, Ed Smolenski and Al Muccilli. On August 2, the paintings were delivered to Spaulding by Carol Stinson – a “stop off” on the way to a Maine vacation! Colleen Moran received the paintings and provided Carol with a tour of the beautiful Spaulding Rehabilitation facility.


  Healing Art Works to grateful to all of our members and the many artists who painted “butterflies” or donated supplies or labor to fulfill our dream of “Butterflies for Boston”!



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