Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

Healing Art Works is proud have partnered with the Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in
Hershey, PA for its inaugural project. Project 2006 focused on providing original works of art for the
facility’s Women’s Health Center Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. The project was a resounding
success and received an incredible amount of support with generous contributions from more than 35 artists.    
  On Wednesday, May 31, 2006, Hershey Medical Center staff generously hosted a reception to honor
Healing Art Works and the many artists who so generously contributed to this inaugural project. Below
are some of the wonderful images from the event that day.


Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center
Featured Artist: Cheryl Decker Sauder

Cheryl Decker Sauder Full Moon Rising
Featured watercolor,
Full Moon Rising, by Cheryl Decker-Sauder


Opening Party

“Words cannot express my appreciation for waking up to such a beautiful painting every morning.” -- Aug. 2005; Anonymous patient at Hershey Medical Center





“Your art exhibit was a blessing from God (for us).” -- May 31, 2006; Robin Bowersox, mother of critically ill patient, a daughter who was in art school (Bowersox Design)





“This is wonderful. My sister is an art student at The Art Institute of Chicago. She’ll want to donate work to Healing Art Works.” – May 31, 2006




Doctor at HMC and recipient of “Sue F. Alexander Tressler Endowment” for ovarian cancer research “The impact of this donation will last a long time.” -- May 31, 2006




Doctor at HMC, reception attendee “Every time we walk into the room with your painting, it reminds us of the love in your family and your sister, Sue. It helps us do our job.” – August, 2005





AR, nurse at HMC “Thank you. This is a wonderful, wonderful idea. We’re so happy you chose our floor!” – May 31, 2006





BP, nurse from Women’s Health floor at reception for artists “Thank you for including my painting in the collection. This has been a very moving experience.” – May 31, 2006





MM donating artist at HMC reception “The painting in my grandson’s room was so very important – I would have paid anything [for that painting].” Bonnie Johnson, grandmother of seriously ill little boy, on the importance of the artwork in his hospital room (not at the Hershey Medical Center)

The artists who were able to attend, posed for a group photo.
Dr. Repke thanked Healing Art Works and the donating artists for their contribution to patient healthcare.
The exhibit of 42 original pieces of artwork was displayed outside at the Hershey Medical Center.
Featured artist and breast cancer survivor Cheryl Decker-Sauder addressed the audience, urging women to examine themselves reguarly.
Doctors, nurses, and other invitees attended the reception given in honor of the donating artists.
Kay Kustanbauter, Board member and spokesperson, told of the inception and mission for Healing Art Works.
CEO and founder, Dorothy Alexander Muccilli, said a few words as Kay Kustanbauter, Board member and spokesperson, and Patty Cunningham, President, looked on.
The art was appreciated by all who attended.
Peggie Alexander Hatton and her accompanist, Phil Day, honored her sister and celebrated the event with song.

Contributing Artist's Gallery

Judy Antonelli

Sylvia Apple

Ethel Backenstose

Ruth Biles

Lee Bradley


Sue Ciccone

Edward Clark

Richard Crockett

Patty Cunningham

Cheryl Decker Sauder


Whitney Denman

Bridget Hanley

Marie T. Harris

Alan Hines

Beth Irvin


Linda Killingsworth

Susan Leps

Lyn Marsh

Lyn Marsh

Pam McKee


Lynda Morehead

Dottie Muccilli

Roe Murray

Deborah Northey

Maureen O'Neill


Catherine Peluso

Elise Phillips

Lisa Prinzo

Alyce Ritti

Phillip Robinson


Myra Ryan

Wendy Snetsinger

Nicola Soricelli

Joan Hutchinson Spillman

Siv Spurgeon


Marie Elena Stotler

Susan Styer

Susan Syter

Susan Syter

Sally Alexander Wade


Lin Webber

Connie White Ivey

Connie White Ivey

Connie Worth

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