The Cancer Center at Paoli Hospital

Paoli Hospital has been a committed community partner for more than a century, providing a superior
patient experience through its blend of advanced clinical and compassionate care. The Cancer Center
of Paoli Hospital, a Fox Chase Cancer Center Partner, offers Philadelphia’s western suburbs a comprehensive
and innovative oncology program in the fight against breast, prostate, colorectal, lung and other cancers.
The Cancer Center recognizes the value of original art, not only in creating a restful environment for patients,
but also in enhancing the overall healthcare experience for patients, their families and hospital staff. Healing
Art Works’ goal to bring original art to patient spaces complements the hospital’s initiative to exhibit art for
healing purposes throughout its campus. Once again, the Cancer Center received a full, three year renewal
approval by the Commission on Cancer, recognizing it as one of the nation’s best in cancer care. The center
offers comprehensive care provided by a multidisciplinary team, including personalized services ranging
from prevention to survivorship, including chemotherapy, bio and radiation therapies, and complementary
therapies. Cancer Center services are conveniently available at Paoli Hospital and the Main Line Health
Centers in Collegeville and Exton.

This project is quickly nearing completion.

Submission deadline for Art Donation is now closed for this project.


The Cancer Center at Paoli Hospital
Featured Artist, Nicola Soricelli:

Nicola Soricelli (top) and her featured painting "Lancaster"


Left: (left to right) Board members Mary Donald, Doroty Muccilli, Chris Clayton, Dr. Sharon Marshall, delivering over 80 pieces
of art to The Cancer Center of Paoli Hospital.
Right: Board member Dr. Sharon Marshall unloading art from her car. Photos by Board Member Patty Cunningham


(left to right) Christine Smolenski, Healing Art Works Board; Cancer Center of
Paoli Hospital Art Therapist staff member and Healing Art Works Board Member, Mary Donald;
Susan Zuk, Director Oncology, and Georgia Morey.


A Letter from Mary Donald

The paintings are hung in the Cancer Center and have spread warmth and light throughout! The balance are
safely stored until next week when I can get them to the third floor and into the exam rooms in the Center.
The work is astounding and I know will bring interest and comfort to patients and staff alike.

I am so grateful to you all and ALL the artists for this generous and overwhelming gift. It will go on to
comfort and support many who are suffering and traumatized.

We will plan for an "opening" in May and would choose to invite the artists and their families and any
prospective recipients I will collect a list of testimonials from patients, caregivers, and staff.

Thank you again for accepting the Cancer Center for 2014. It is beyond my wildest dreams to have this work.
Mary Donald, ATR BC LPC



Opening Party


Contributing Artist's Gallery






























































































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